The Words She Brought Home


demon girl (the amityville horror)

Days of the week…

Days of the week…

These are the days of the week.

She brought the words home from kindergarten. A song they had sung. Her face was pale. The bags under her eyes deep and dark.

We thought it was the storm that had been hovering over us all week. The thunder had kept her from sleeping. Last night it had woken her younger brother, too. He’d run into our room in tears, clambering into our bed and pulling the sheets over himself.

I wrapped my arms around his little body. He curled up against my chest, trembling. As I cupped his head and kissed it, I saw her standing in the doorway. Lightning flashed on her slumped shoulders. She was in her pajamas, hands at her sides, her head cocked to one side, bags under her eyes.

The thunder rumbled, and she turned…

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