I can’t believe they deleted your account without you even being given time or right to at least put your side. Could have suspended it pending appeal. Sounds a bit draconian. Do they have spy-bots that pick up any references to them – that’s even more scary because if they do – then others can

Just Hugo

Today I was surprised when I received a text message from someone asking me If I had blocked them on Instagram or if my account had been deleted. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I opened the Instagram app on my phone and was surprised to be greeted with a login screen. I check my email and there were five emails from Instagram, about the five videos I had posted from last night’s Janet Jackson concert. The emails had the following:

We’ve removed or disabled access to the following content you posted on Instagram because we received a notice from a third party that the content infringes their copyright(s):

Video: ‘That’s the way love goes… #janetjackson’ uploaded on 15 October 00:09 PDT

For reference, this content was removed due to Report #[redacted number].

Instagram complies with the notice and takedown procedures defined in section 512(c) of the Digital…

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