Arrivederci, Earth: Space Fleets in Cygnus and the Forgotten Virtue of Being Quiet


“Intelligence may indeed be a benign influence creating isolated groups of philosopher-kings far apart in the heavens…On the other hand, intelligence may be a cancer of purposeless technological exploitation, sweeping across a galaxy as irresistibly as it has swept across our own planet” – Freeman Dyson

Yeah, not looking too good... Yeah, not looking too good…

Not to be alarmist, but we’re all going to die.  Sooner, rather than later that is.  Maybe not in the imminent sort of way like when your new girlfriend is suspiciously interested in the specific terms of your life insurance policy or you poke a bear for giggles, but it is certainly on the horizon.  Now, that horizon seems to be 454 parsecs away, somewhere in the Cygnus constellation, which gives us time to put our affairs order.  In what should probably have been worldwide headline news, the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society recently announced a forthcoming…

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