Interview with Oscar Wilde 2015

Francis H Powell author

Oscar Wilde

Interview with Oscar Wilde 2015
Having managed to resurrect Oscar Wilde, he kindly permitted an interview.

Interviewer : A lot of things have changed compared to the world you are more familiar with.

Oscar Wilde : They certainly have, the world has a lot of its charm and innocence. Many things have changed, some things for the better it is true. Homosexual marriage, I would never have anticipated that, in a million life times. In many parts of the world, cruelty abounds, people persecuted because of the way nature made them. People are forced to live in the shadows, hiding their true natures, like a flower that doesn’t have the possibility to fully bloom. People still have this wish to decimate all that is beautiful, like a malicious child crushing a beautiful butterfly in a tightly clenched fist.

Interviewer: What other changes have you noticed?

Oscar Wilde : The world…

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