A Jurangodon in Hoogerville – II

Yay a happy ending! So glad it wasn’t a twisty endy type story. Like a modern fairy tale. I still read fairy tales and children’s books – Alice in Wonderland is my all time favourite


And now Part Two, which is the only other part aside from the first one, which is here

It was a long ride to the part of the forest where lived the Jurangodon, but the citizens of Hoogerville loved their children with a vengeance and were determined to have them back. They rode and they rode, and when they finally arrived at the home of the Jurangodon they found a quaint little cottage with flowers out front and a green green lawn that was very well-tended. In other words, not at all what they’d expected from such a foul and terrible beast. They had hoped to coordinate a full-scale assault, with flanks and rear-guards and what-not, and for the moment they were so confused they were unable to think.

The little girl saw this as an excellent opportunity to influence the outcome, as she had hoped. She pointed out what…

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